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About Us

Mission:  To transform education by starting young, involving parents, and creating learning environments to inspire children from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.

Vision:  As we transform education, we transform communities by creating outstanding schools that empower, enrich, and support children and families.

  • We practice being kind, loving, and respectful of ourselves and others.
  • We practice being a compassionate community.
  • We practice being a dynamic learning community.
  • We practice integrity.
  • We practice empowerment.
  • We practice sustainability.

Our Philosophy

Lumin Education is guided by the Montessori philosophy of education. This philosophy is rooted in Dr. Maria Montessori’s conviction, which has been confirmed by our own experience, that “children naturally have the same drive to develop in a cognitive sense as they do in a physical sense. The desire of an elementary student to master equivalent fractions can be just as strong as the desire of the infant to crawl, unless the desire has been diminished by the circumstances of the child’s life.”