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Admissions - Home-Based Programs

Lumin offers three home visiting programs, based on income and location. 


East Dallas/Fair Park Area:
Lumin offers a free home visiting program for families in ZIP codes 75223, 75210, 75227, 75215, and 75228. Families in these ZIP codes may qualify for the program based on income and development risk factors.

For more information, please email  [email protected], call Molly at 214-824-8950, x237, or fill out an application form below.

Bachman Lake Area:
Lumin's free home visiting program in Dallas' Bachman Lake neighborhood is offered to families in ZIP code 75220 who qualify based on income.


For more information or to apply, please call 214-351-6700 or email Tanya at [email protected]

Greater Dallas Area:
Lumin Beginnings is a fee-based program with various packages available for families across the Dallas region. For more information, please email [email protected],  Ana at 214-824-8950, x225, or fill out the Lumin Beginning Inquiry Form below.



If you have general questions or are unsure about which program best fits your needs, please email [email protected].