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Why Lumin?

Imagine a place where love and learning are one. A place where children’s minds and imaginations flourish in a nurturing environment where highly-trained educators inspire a lifelong love of learning in every child, setting them up for success today, tomorrow, and years down the road.

Lumin children, families, and educators are Luminauts: Explorers. Educators. Nurturers. Trailblazers. Luminauts are kind, loving, and respectful of themselves and others.

At Lumin Education, we transform the lives of children. Through early childhood education programs and an uncompromised approach to Montessori, Lumin Education helps children realize their fullest potential and unlocks the love of learning that exists in us all. We start young, involve parents, engage the whole community, and create learning environments that inspire.
Lumin Education is a place where expert educators welcome a diverse mix of students and families into a shared community. We provide a nurturing environment with AMI-trained classroom guides where success is measured not simply by tests, but by the children who leave Lumin confident and prepared to realize their fullest potential.

Join us and become a Luminaut today!