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Our Story

Lumin Education was founded in 1978 with the belief that all children can succeed in school and life when we “start young and involve parents.”

From its humble beginnings of educating a single class of eight children in donated space, Lumin now serves more than 500 children and their parents annually through parent education and daily classroom programs.

Lumin remains committed to lifting up Dallas communities through one simple idea: high quality education that involves parents every step of the way.

We believe that taking an active interest in students and parents pays dividends. We believe in connecting communities and providing resources that grow healthy families and students and ultimately vibrant communities.

Lumin is a trailblazer, modeling an accessible Montessori methodology that has spawned numerous educational shifts in North Texas over the past four decades. Lumin was the first organization to:

• Open a Montessori school in Dallas available to all children regardless of income or ability (1978),
• Open a Pregnancy to Age 3 home visiting program in Dallas (1993),
• Open a public Montessori charter school in Texas (1999), and
• Open a Montessori Early Head Start program in Texas (2009).

From pregnancy to third grade, Lumin Education is invested in building thriving, self-sustaining families and helping each student achieve his or her potential.