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Our fee-based, in-home Montessori Parent Coaching program, Lumin Beginnings, is designed for the parent or caregiver interested in raising confident, joyful, responsible, lifelong learners.
Lumin Beginnings introduces caregivers to basic Montessori concepts and presents a variety of ways to implement them at home by creating beautiful learning spaces, predictable routines that foster autonomy and self-regulation, and positive parenting strategies that align with your family dynamics and values.

Multiple packages are available to fit your needs.

Available Lumin Beginnings Packages

Each Lumin Beginnings “bite-sized” package is just $249.

Parents will join a 60 min zoom call broken into halves; the first half will be learning Montessori strategies to address your chosen topic and the remaining 30 minutes will be a Q&A to address questions specific to your family.

PACKAGE 1: Bringing Baby Home
- Review the universal postpartum needs for Mom, Baby and the Family.
- How do you prepare a nurturing and efficient environment?
- How do you coordinate your support network?

PACKAGE 2: Tantrums and Positive Discipline
- How do you identify and reduce triggers?
- How do you build a connection?
- What parenting strategies can you use in your daily life as a family?
PACKAGE 3: Establishing Routines for a Peaceful Daily Flow
- How do you build daily rituals and routines for your entire day?
- How do you help your child ‘do it myself'?
- How do you create a child-friendly home?

Comprehensive packages range in price based on your individual needs. For additional information, please reach out (below) to a Lumin Beginnings staff member or schedule your free consultation. All packages include resources and parent education assignments in addition to the topics outlined. Current packages include:

PACKAGE 1: Two Month Montessori Parent Coaching
This package includes four sessions: The Prepared Environment, Fostering Independence, The Prepared Adult, and Seeing Through Your Children's Eyes.

PACKAGE 2: Two Month Pre- and Post-Natal Support
This package includes four sessions: List of Lists - Essentials, Preferables, and Forgettables, The Symbiotic Period - Baby Learns to Trust, Coordinating Your Support Network, and Baby Is Here! My Parents, My World!

PACKAGE 3: Four Month Montessori Parent Coaching
This package includes everything covered in package 1, plus four additional sessions: Born To Learn, Food for the Soul - Weaning and/or Nutrition, Learning in Nature, and Positive Discipline and Peaceful Parenting.
PACKAGE 4: Six Month Montessori Parent Coaching
This package includes everything covered in package 3, plus four additional sessions: Your Baby and Their Prepared Environment, Objective Observation, Teaching So Your Child Can Learn, and Brain Integration Response.

PACKAGE 5: Resources for In-Home Caregivers (Two Months)
This package designed for au pairs, nannies, and other in-home caregivers. This two-month package will train caregivers in basic, research-based Montessori concepts to identify and support emerging skills and developmental milestones by creating Montessori learning spaces, activities, and routines that match your baby's natural interests and learning style. Sessions include: How Does My Little One Learn?, Presenting Materials and Creating Routines, Positive Discipline and Peaceful Caregivers, and Learning in Nature.
Want to learn more? Click below to schedule a free 15-minute introductory session, or email a Lumin Beginnings staff member at [email protected].